Silent Disco OKC

Book Silent Disco for your next event!

What is a Silent Disco?

 Silent Disco or Silent Party is an event. A group of people get together to dance, like any other ‘disco’ environment with the exception that everyone wears headphones.

**Each headphone has multiple channels AND volume control***

As seen in the promo video above....3 DJ's spinnin live...vying for each guest to listen to their channel.....creating a friendly competition where EVERYONE wins!

"It is so much fun I had to make it available here in OKC!" - DJ Ryno

Packages for booking a Silent Disco Party.....

*The Big Show  (as seen in promo video)

We go all out with The Big Show....the ultimate Silent Disco party package! It includes...
*3 professional DJʼs mixing live! (Catered to what you and your guests want)
*Club Atmosphere. (As seen in video). It is important to create the right atmosphere for your guests. Our amazing light show will surely encourage people to let loose and have a great time!
*Handler. We will include a handler for the headphones, etc. Essentially, you are free of any responsibility. We have it all handled. Just show up and have a great time!

*Custom Package

Donʼt think you need 3 DJʼs? Only want 1 or 2? Donʼt need the lighting, etc? We are willing to chat about any combo of DJʼs, lighting, etc. Just give us a call!

If you are not interested in having us bring any DJʼ the headphones and run the music yourself! Rentals come with however many headphones, transmitters, and cables to hook up your music sources.

**Locally, we are willing to deliver AND pick up from you!

Benefits to think about with Silent Disco....
*You get your choice of music: 3 channels to choose from on every headphone.
*You control your own volume: every headphone has its own volume buttons.
*Wanna talk to someone? Simply take your headphones off and chat.
*The party can continue past noise curfews. Only noise is the dancing and singing along!


Pics from our first Silent Disco Party...